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About Sadhat
This site is made for news junkies such as myself, Jester.  The links I post here are the best news stories from around the web that I find on a daily basis.  I've had a site like this planned out for a while but never had time to work on it.  Luckily my friend Claws was on vacation from work and extremely bored so he decided to work on it from my vision; and with my insanely picky criticisms you have what you see before you today.  Now why would I make a website with stuff I read you ask?  Well, being the resident news junkie, I always inform people of new things and those people always ask where I saw/read it.  Of course I never remember what site I read it on let alone the link to the story, thus sadhat.com was born.

If you have any links worthy of being added to the left nav bar or any news stories I'm missing then either email me or come to #geekissues on efnet and /msg jestuh www.coolnewlink.com
WARNING: Going into #geekissues may cause you to listen to me brag about my dvd collection and/or my elite europe trip I took in 2001.

By being on this site the links already have the Jester-Stamp-Of-Approval so that means you should read them all!

Now go back and start reading!

In memoriam to timmo's internet access -- 1996-2007