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Essential Firefox Extensions
(in alphabetical order) view must-have applications

Add Bookmark Here
homepage - install

This extension adds an option to the bookmarks menu and/or the context menu for bookmark folders that enables you to add a bookmark to that folder.

homepage - install

Bypass compulsory web registration via Firefox’s right-click context menu. Visit bugmenot.com for full details of their service.

Download Statusbar
homepage - install

Download Statusbar is a browser extension that allows you to keep track of ongoing and completed downloads in a hide-away statusbar.

homepage - install

DownThemAll! lets you download in just one click all the links or images contained in a webpage; to refine your preferences you can use fully customizable filters, and select just the kind of files you really want to download.

homepage - install

Fasterfox - performance and network tweaks for Firefox. (Prefetch Links, Tweak Network, Page Load Timer, Block Flash Popups)

homepage - install

Greasemonkey is an extension which lets you to add bits of DHTML ("user scripts") to any web page to change its behavior.  These user scripts let you easily control any aspect of a web page's design or interaction.

Menu Editor
homepage - install

Menu Editor is an extension that allows you to customize the dropdown and context menus in Firefox.

Paste and Go
homepage - install

This extension lets you paste an URL from the clipboard into the address bar and load it as a single step, either via the address bar's context menu or by pressing Ctrl-Shift-V. Similarly, you can "Paste and Search" via the search bar's context menu or Ctrl-Shift-S.

homepage - install

The Reload Every extension adds an option to the context menu to reload the web page you are viewing every so many seconds or minutes. You can also access reload every by using the dropdown menu next to the reload button on the toolbar

Session Manager
homepage - install

Session Manager saves and restores the state of all windows.

Web Developer
homepage - install

The Web Developer extension adds a menu and a toolbar to the browser with various web developer tools.

Other People's Essential Extensions
Adblock is a content filtering plug-in for the Mozilla and Firebird browsers. It is both more robust and more precise than the built-in image blocker.  (submitted by tordek)

Adblock Filterset.G Updater
homepage - install

This extension automatically downloads the latest version of Filterset.G every 4-7 days. Filterset.G is an excellent set of filters maintained by G for Adblock that blocks most ads on the internet.  (submitted by tordek)

All-In-One Sidebar
homepage - install

It lets you quickly switch between sidebars, view dialog windows such as downloads, extensions, and more in the sidebar, or view source or websites in the sidebar. It includes a slide-out button and a toolbar, all of which can be extensively customized.  (submitted by catcher)

Bookmark Backup
homepage - install

Bookmark Backup is a simple extension that helps to keep your bookmarks (and optionally other Firefox settings) safe. Each time Firefox is closed, a copy of your bookmarks file will be made to a backup location.  (submitted by catcher)

Classic Menus for Winstripe
homepage - install

This extension will allow you to switch between the classic style menus or the new luna style menus.  (submitted by twin)

homepage - install

CustomizeGoogle is a Firefox extension that enhance Google search results by adding extra information (like links to Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, MSN etc) and removing unwanted information (like ads and spam).  (submitted by pen)

homepage - install

Forecastfox is an extension that brings international weather from AccuWeather.com® to your Firefox web browser.  (submitted by catcher)

homepage - install

Inserts preview images of web sites and Amazon products into the Google and Yahoo search results pages.  (submitted by catcher)

homepage - install

Allows Firefox to view plain-text URLs and e-mail addresses as actual links  (submitted by catcher)

PDF Download
homepage - install

This extension, every time you click on a link, checks if the target is a pdf file and in this case let you choose what you want to do (open pdf file inside a new tab, download it to the filesystem or view it as HTML).  (submitted by pen)

homepage - install

This extension will prevent your browser from following the forwarding specified by the refresh parameter of the META tag element. If such a refresh parameter is given on a web page, an infobox will be displayed at the top of the page. (submitted by claws)

homepage - install

Enhances your Something Awful forums browsing experience. It adds several features to the forums, including highlighting threads and posts you've already thread, Quick Quote and Quick Reply windows, Text-to-Image functionality to convert links to images into inline images, and more!  (submitted by dekkon)

homepage - install

Helps you to save Web pages and easily manage collections.  Key features are lightness, speed, accuracy and multi-language support.  (submitted by catcher)

homepage - install

Allows uninstalling search plugins - just right click on a search plugin and choose 'Delete'.  (submitted by twin)

Sort Extensions and Themes
homepage - install

Makes the windows listing your extensions and themes have a little "Sort" hyperlink.  (submitted by catcher)

homepage - install

It is a very flexible tool for creating a complete log of your browsing history. It can save pages you visit to your hard drive, and create custom-format history logs about pages visited. You can use style sheets to view logs, or use external programs to parse the data for your needs.  (submitted by pen)

SwitchProxy Tool
homepage - install

SwitchProxy lets you manage and switch between multiple proxy configurations quickly and easily. You can also use it as an anonymizer to protect your computer from prying eyes.  (submitted by dekkon)

Tab Mix Plus
homepage - install

Tab Mix Plus enhances Firefox's tab browsing capabilities. It includes such features as duplicating tabs, controlling tab focus, tab clicking options, undo closed tabs and windows, plus much more.  (submitted by dekkon)

Adds a small close button to each of the browser tabs, and removes the close button from the end of the tab bar.  (submitted by dekkon)

Temporary bookmarks that use egg-timer icons to show how much time is left on a "Tark'd" bookmark. The bookmark-icons that are "Tark'd" will change as weeks elapse.  (submitted by unknown)

homepage - install

Protects web-searchers against surveillance and data-profiling by means of noise and obfuscation.  (submitted by dekkon)